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Whether you’d like to sponsor a child or contribute to a building project, small business or enterprise, there are countless ways to give…



From Fundraising events to Build Trips and long-stay opportunities, we value your time as one of your most precious gifts to share… 



Maybe you’re a builder, teacher, nurse, diplomat, entrepreneur or artist with ideas / connections / skills to share?  We’d love to hear from you…

'If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart.'

Arabian Proverb


Get Involved with a Project

Donate to a project

Donate to a Build

A secure, solid home provides an essential base for children to grow up feeling unafraid for their their personal safety or family’s wellbeing. Free from the threat of snakes, scorpions, attackers, eviction and the elements, a child can grow up unafraid of the future.  Or contribute to a school, orphanage or community center, where the lives of the entire community are affected.


Donate to a Toilet

Personal hygiene, safety, and the ability to maintain a sense of privacy and self-worth, are impossible without a toilet block. By providing a loo for a family or community, you’re keeping them safe from the elements, rodents, possible attackers, and potential for disease. For young ladies and women especially, this is a gift beyond compare.


Donate to a Well

A well provides clean drinking water for a family or small community— supplying their daily needs, and freeing them from the risk of potentially contracting water-borne diseases from drinking contaminated water.


Sponsor a Child

By sponsoring an education, you can provide the possibility for a child in poverty to break the cycle of deprivation. By sponsoring a child's place at an orphanage you provide his/her basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and safety. There are different sponsorship opportunities available depending on the needs of the child.


Donate to our


We’re aiming high on this one… a new school for our community!  We passionately believe this is the most valuable, long-lasting gift we could possibly give to our local kids— an education.  The new site will accommodate triple our current student body - with facilities for Science, Computer Studies, etc.


Sponsor a Business

The communities where we work in Sri Lanka don’t just need (or necessarily want) handouts.  They want to be self-sustaining and experience real economic growth.  By providing local entrepreneurs an initial boost — in order to start or expand their own businesses — we’re hoping it will be just the kickstart they need for financial breakthrough and independence.

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Donate Used Clothing

Every Quarter, The Dust Project collects and ships 10 large boxes full of donated items to our team in Sri Lanka.  We have 2 DP Stores (one in Colombo and one in Jaffna) where we employ locals as full-time staff, and sell these goods on to the community.  It's a fantastic way to recycle our used items in the UK, provide employment for our local villagers, and furnish high-quality goods at super-affordable prices to our communities.  Win Win!


Become a Corporate Sponsor

Looking to have your business involved in something outside its own four walls, or beyond its current sphere of influence?  Several of our ongoing community and construction projects have been sponsored by businesses — from small enterprises to large corporations — who are actively encouraging their staff and company ethos to become more humanitarian, or who simply want to bless those we work with in Sri Lanka.

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Become a Partner School

We want to facilitate and promote connection — not only between our schools in Sri Lanka, but also with those in the UK — to make our future generation of leaders, thinkers and influencers aware of other areas, where the world is different, but kids are still kids.  

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Leave a Legacy

If you're interested in the idea of leaving a gift — in order to carry on helping people and providing for their needs, changing their lives dramatically, or enabling their dreams to actually succeed, even after you're gone — then we’d be honoured to have a conversation with you.


Upcoming Events

We usually have something in the Diary to look forward to... from fun Quiz nights to more elegant Balls, and of course — upcoming Volunteer Trips! 

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'No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.'

Charles Dickens

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