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Donate to a Toilet

From Rubble...
... to stability. 

The Gift of a Loo

We take a private, protected, working toilet totally for granted here in the UK... but in Sri Lanka, a toilet is never a given.

Without tools to dig the pit (through stone-hard ground), or money to make or buy the bricks to build a privy, the only other recourse is a bush, or the roadside, or whatever modicum of privacy can be found in a moment of desperation! Snakes, deadly insects, open weather, barbed wire, and unhygienic waste also share this space.  There is no McDonald’s to duck into, and likely few neighbors wealthy enough to even have one to share.

The need to use a loo is a basic necessity of mankind. To a Sri Lankan, the gift of one changes their normal every-day in the most meaningful, extraordinary way.

'You may not have saved a lot of money in your life, but if you have saved a lot of heartaches for other folks, you are a pretty rich man..'

Seth Parker

Build a Toilet for Daniel & Madesha

Madesha was in the care of our Children’s Hostel for the final 3 years of her schooling[…]

Build a Toilet for Rajah & Kowshi

Rajah, Kowshi, and their three children (Abishek, 12, Angel, 9, and Jerom, 8) own their own property— on which they have a small home, which consists of a single bedroom, a hall and small kitchen […]

Build a Toilet for Thavanesan & Rathy

Rathy and Thavanesan have two children— a joyful little girl named Beulah, age 7, and son Dilaxshan, who was born with special needs, being mentally slow and blind in both eyes. Dilaxshan sadly suffers from fits, and is […]

Build a Toilet for Thavanesan & Jasotha

Jasotha and Thavanesan live on their own land in a small hut made from tin and bricks mixed together with shells and clay. In the rainy season their house is flooded and they have to move to another area to stay. They have 3 children; Sherin aged 11, Delson aged […]


If you decide to cover the complete cost of a project, whether it is a community building, a well or a home, we will arrange for a plaque with your name or business to be displayed on the construction. Alternatively, you might like the plaque to be made in memory of a loved one.

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