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Make a Connection

With education comes knowledge, and knowledge has the power to bring change. We want to facilitate and promote this— not only in the schools we support in Sri Lanka, but also here in the UK— to make our future generation of leaders, thinkers and influencers aware of areas where the world is very different, but kids are still kids.

Whether a School, College or University, The Dust Project can provide a customized, relational opportunity for your students and staff to participate in our work with Sri Lanka. 

Through whatever level of involvement you’re able, we will work with you to help your school children understand The Dust Project's work in Sri Lanka, the effect it has on the areas to which we're committed, and potentially help your school fundraise for a project!  Together we can...

  • Brainstorm ideas and set achievable, rewarding targets;

  • Provide information to send to families and friends;

  • Run assemblies for/with the children, to encourage their efforts and help them realize what a life-altering difference they’re making for REAL families and kids just like them, only living in different circumstances, in a different place and culture.

'The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.'

Nelson Henderson

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Help Build our New School!

The Dust Project and Paalam International are teaming up to build a new school in Jaffna!  It will be for the education of both Primary and Secondary year groups…

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