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One Time Donation

Give any amount.


Regular Donation

Set up a recurring gift.


Donate to a Build

A secure, solid home provides an essential base for children to grow up feeling unafraid for their their personal safety or family’s wellbeing. Free from the threat of snakes, scorpions, attackers, eviction and the elements, a child can grow up unafraid of the future.  Or contribute to a school, orphanage or community center, where the lives of the entire community are affected.


Donate to a Toilet

Personal hygiene, safety, and the ability to maintain a sense of privacy and self-worth, are impossible without a toilet block. By providing a loo for a family or community, you’re keeping them safe from the elements, rodents, possible attackers, and potential for disease. For young ladies and women especially, this is a gift beyond compare.


Donate to a Well

A well provides clean drinking water for a family or small community— supplying their daily needs, and freeing them from the risk of potentially contracting water-borne diseases from drinking contaminated water.


Sponsor a Child

By sponsoring an education, you can provide the possibility for a child in poverty to break the cycle of deprivation. By sponsoring a child's place at an orphanage you provide his/her basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and safety. There are different sponsorship opportunities available depending on the needs of the child.

How are your donations appropriated?

As founders and Trustees, we freely volunteer 100% of our time, energy and support to The Dust Project... and we do it out of sincere love for the people and the virtue of the projects. No part of any donation goes into a salary for us.

We’re proud, however, that because of the growth of The Dust Project over recent years, it has become necessary to employ local Sri Lankans in the communities where we work— to navigate the logistics of our building sites, land purchases, Volunteer Trips, Child Sponsorship Program, Community Outreach, etc. To create and sustain jobs for locals has always been and continues to be a goal for this Project. 

The money to pay for these small but vital salaries comes from the General Fund— including unspecified one-off donations, and the profit from ticket sales to fundraising events such as our Dust Balls and Quiz Nights, etc. For the building works, specifically, it is inherently and necessarily absorbed into the overall cost which we fundraise— for a House, Well, or Toilet— and is factored into that lump sum. 

Even so, we still maintain that the amount you send to support a child each month belongs to that child, in full. You send £30. That child receives £30— which goes into his or her education fees, nourishment, clothing, supplies, medical help, and support. And really, when you stop to think about it... £30 for a month isn’t much at all. That’s why we want them to get as much bang for your buck as possible! 

Thank you.


If you decide to cover the complete cost of a project, whether it is a community building, a well or a home, we will arrange for a plaque with your name or business to be displayed on the construction. Alternatively, you might like the plaque to be made in memory of a loved one.

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