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The Sri Lankan Government has asked for our help during the current Coronavirus lockdown, to provide and distribute dry rations of food to thousands of impoverished families in northern Sri Lanka. 

Practically their entire economy is comprised of day labourers — farmers, fishermen and builders.  If they're able to work for the day, they get paid and their families can eat that day.  If they're not able to work, they're not able to eat.

The Dust Project (and our sister charity, The Paalam Project) are working with government agencies to provide packages of rice, dhal and green gram  for the price of 1,500 Rupees per family pack.  This works out to be around £6.40, to feed a family for a week during these impossibly difficult times of lockdown in Sri Lanka. 

100% of all donations received will directly fund the purchase and distribution of these food packs, for families who will otherwise go hungry.

We know, for many of you reading this, these are scary times on the home front — in our own bank accounts and food pantries.  This is the very thing, however, that makes it the most powerful time to give from what we have, to help those in potentially greater need.

A very heartfelt Thank You —

and may you be blessed in return,

The Dust Project Team

  £6.40 to feed a family for a week  

We want to say

the most massive THANK YOU!!!

With your help over the last couple of weeks, we've raised £10,000 (incl. Gift Aid) to help feed the poor in Sri Lanka!! 

As there are literally thousands of families in desperate straits, and as COVID-19 is bound to affect them for months to come, this will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE to so many families in the Jaffna Peninsula.

We've been able to forward these funds immediately to buy and distribute food packs, so your donations are ALREADY in homes and happy tummies.  


Who We Are

The Dust Project is a not-for-profit organization working in Sri Lanka to support children, strengthen local commerce, and provide foundational security for families to thrive in their communities.  


Through our Child Sponsorship program, and funding construction work as well as entrepreneurial and educational projects, our mission is to simply help where it’s most needed — building something that will last, empowering people to flourish.

What we Care About




Food, support, clothing and healthcare.  Help make a difference at the beginning of a child's life, and they will reap the benefits for the rest of it.

Child Sponsorship

The school provides us with food when we don't have enough to eat.  If we are sick the school pays for us to see a doctor. Thanks to my sponsor I am hopeful about my future.

Dhanushika, age 16 

'You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.'

John Bunyan

You send £20,

Through our unique sponsorship program, you can choose to support a child in several ways— a local child’s schooling costs, a child’s living cost in our hostel (orphanage), or both.  You can mix and match as your heart leads or as giving allows.

I receive £20.

You can also rest assured that 100% of your monthly donation goes to the support of your sponsored child. All necessary administration costs (including living salaries for those in Sri Lanka who are actually caring for the children) are covered from other funds. 

Building Homes, Wells & Toilets

Out of Dust

Provide vulnerable people with the materials they need to improve their own lives.

Join us in constructing houses, wells, toilet blocks, community centres and schools—  building up communities to hope and thrive.

Join a Volunteer Trip

Experience for yourself the thrill, satisfaction, impact and reward of working with your own hands on the very project you’ve helped fund — whilst getting to know the families it will impact, joining in the local community, and seeing how the Dust Project works from the inside.

'Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.'

William James

  • Volunteer Build Trip, Autumn 2020
    Sat, Sep 26
    Jaffna, Sri Lanka
    Sep 26, 2020, 3:00 PM – Oct 05, 2020, 7:00 PM
    Jaffna, Sri Lanka
    The dates have finally been decided for our 2020 Volunteer Build Trip!! Can you join us?!
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