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Donate Used Clothing

Our DP Store is currently closed,
as we attempt to find a new permanent shop to call 'home.'

This means we will not be taking donations until further notice.
Thank you for your support, and please stay tuned for further developments!

DP Stores
in Sri Lanka

Having a closet clear-out session?

Consider donating your second-hand items to The Dust Project!

Every Quarter, The Dust Project collects and ships 10 large boxes full of donated items to our shop in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, where we employ locals as full-time staff and sell these goods on to the community.  When shipments come in, stock flies off the shelves! 


It's a fantastic way to recycle our used items in the UK (as most Charity shops I walk by are jammed full already!), provide employment for our local villagers, and furnish high-quality goods at super-affordable prices to our communities.  Win Win!

Items we can Accept in Shipments

Modest Articles in resalable condition —

shirts, tees, dresses, jeans, shorts, light sweaters, etc.

*the culture is very modest.

Lightweight Outerwear / Waterproof Gear —

jackets, light beanies, rain jackets, wellies, etc.

*the climate is predominantly warm but they do have chilly rains.

Footwear / Accessories in good condition —

shoes, sandals, belts, bags, purses, etc.

*please ensure shoes are clean, so as to not contaminate our boxes.

Baby Clothes / Items in resalable condition 

light blankets, shoes, onesies, small toys, etc.

*no plush toys please, for hygienic purposes.

Small, Simple Toys 

blocks, toy cars, LEGOS, small plastic animals, etc.

*nothing battery-operated, and no plush toys please, for hygienic purposes.

Children's Books in English — 

learning-to-read books, and others from Primary English readers up to Grade 8 Literature.

*these will be sent to our School Library for kids to check out!

How to Donate your Clothes

Contact Tiffany

Thanks for submitting!

If you live in Hertfordshire or Essex

(near Bishop's Stortford), please contact Tiffany to arrange a drop-off // pick-up of your items.

DP Stores.jpg

OR... Sponsor the shipping cost of a BOX

Each box costs £35 to ship, but it's astonishing the amount of goods we can fit into each one!

If you're interested in sponsoring a box, this would help us out immensely!  ALL PROFITS from the DP Stores go toward the rent of the space, the wages of our employees, and to get other small business ideas off the ground. Thank you!

Upcoming Shipment Dates




on hold...

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