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Build a Toilet for Thavanesan & Rathy


Rathy and Thavanesan have two children— a joyful little girl named Beulah, age 7, and son Dilaxshan, who was born with special needs, being mentally slow and blind in both eyes. Dilaxshan sadly suffers from fits, and is dependent on someone to help him do all things, including eating and drinking. Because of her son’s needs, Rathy has been unable to hold down a steady or regular job like other people, because she was unable to send her son to school or pay someone to care for him. Recently the Paalam Project was able to place Dilaxshan in a school for special needs children. He now attends school every morning for 3 hours. His child sponsorship covers the cost of his transport to school and helps to meet his schooling and medical needs. Beulah attends Paalam School in Jaffna thanks to her sponsors. Their father, Thavanesan, is a day labourer working as a builder, so his work comes and goes with projects. Very recently he also started to work part-time as security at the Paalam Project site.

The Paalam Project was able to purchase a piece of land for Rathy’s family thanks to a fundraising project carried out by Tishon and the New Life Church in Switzerland. We believe that if Rathy and Thavanesan have their own home and live in a community overseen by the Paalam Project, that we can help them to maintain their family unity. Rathy’s husband is presently going through counselling for his habits and they are both having marriage counselling. Rathy is also now able to clean part-time at the church and with this small income they are managing to buy food. We hope that once the new Paalam school building is completed that we will be able to employ Rathy as a part time cleaner and Thavanesan as a security guard. Thavanesan, Rathy and their family are currently living in a tiny, somewhat derelict house. A home of their own would enable them to be even more secure as a family and provide a safe environment for Dilaxshan and Beulah to grow up in.

A donation of £935 will provide this family with a much needed toilet and waste pit. This includes labour charges for digging the waste pit, which is all done by hand.

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Donation Options —  £10, £20, £50 or a gift of any amount.

We can't thank you enough for your support!  We're doing our best to make your time, efforts and donations go as far as possible to making a real, lasting difference.  

By sowing into others' lives, we hope yours is enriched in return.  

With heartfelt gratitude,

The Dust Project Trustees and Ambassadors 

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