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Changing Lives Through Sponsorship


Sarah and Roy, who are trustees of The Dust Project have been sponsoring Tharshini since she was 4 years old.  She is now 22 and pictured above with Sarah and Roy’s son, Henry.

Tharshini lived with her grandparents until the age of three after her mother died giving birth to her. In 1998, due to her grandparents’ illness and the death of her father, Tharshini was brought to the Paalam Children’s Home.  

“After I lost both my parents my grandparents struggled to bring me up so I was taken to Paalam Children’s Home,” explains Tharshini. “The staff are really friendly here and it feels like home. I now attend an International School and I’m studying for my A Levels, I’d like to become a nurse in the future. I believe it’s a special gift from God to have a family abroad. I know they love me so much because they pray for me, they have sent me gifts and helped me in my schooling. Because of this I am now able to speak, read and write in English. I am so happy to have such a Godly family and a loving brother in England called Henry.”

Sarah says, “It has been such a privilege to be a part of Tharshini’s life. We have been in contact with her for the past 18 years and have enjoyed seeing her grow up in the photos and correspondence from not only Tharshini, but the wonderful people who run Paalam Children’s Home. Tharshini is an amazing young woman who has become part of our family.


“We had the opportunity in January 2015 to visit Tharshini for the first time. It is an indescribable feeling to meet someone who you have heard all about and feel you know, but have never met. In the short time we were with her we felt we had bonded; especially our son, Henry, who now calls her his sister.”

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