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Teen Trip, August 2019

Fourteen year old Ella Higgs shares her experience of the Father + Daughter Teen Trip taken by The Dust Project in August 2019...

My experience in the summer of 2019 was one of the greatest and most rewarding trips of my life. Two friends and I were offered to go to Sri Lanka, if we raised enough money to build a well. Thankfully we just about managed two wells, and a team of 8 as well as my friends and I jetted of to the stunning country of Sri Lanka, not expecting the journey we were soon to embark on.


When we arrived at the Dust projects site, we were welcomed by the most incredible people: The site included an orphanage, houses, wells and a church. We met all the lovely families we were going to be helping and then the hard work started; for a 14 year old, digging proved to be extremely challenging especially in the 36 degree heat, but  every time a friendly face from one of the families we were digging the well for popped up from behind the corner the perseverance kicked in. Knowing how much this would benefit a family, who had no private way of washing or getting water that we take for granted everyday made it more rewarding when we dug a few more centimetres. 


The orphanage was one of my most favourable places on site as I will never forget the kindest most friendliest and clever girls I have ever met. Playing games and learning dances was a highlight of the trip especially when we did a painting afternoon and the dads turned into animals, however, the church service on Sunday was a lovely end to the busy week just before we celebrated the opening of the new toilets on site, and went for a traditional ice cream at the nearby parlour with all the girls from the orphanage and children from houses on site, which was a definitely a treat, before doing the unwilling thing of saying goodbyes. I definitely look forward to going again and enjoying curry, friendships and all the hard work!

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