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Team Build January 2015

In January 2015, the Dust Project took a team out to Sri Lanka, to help build a house in Jaffna for a family of six.  Baskaran and his wife, Shanthy have four daughters – number four was born a week after we left!

When we first visited, the entire family had been living in a tin shack. They were sleeping on mats on the ground which was very dangerous because of the snakes, scorpions and spiders that are prevalent during the monsoon season. The team of seven, plus three children, arrived in blistering heat and got digging. Because we were only there for four full days we were only able to get some of the walls up, but it was a start and we left the rest of the build to the professionals to finish.

We spent quality time with the family – Shanthy regularly made tea for everyone and little Raaji, who has special needs, often visited with her friends to see how we were getting on. On the day we left the whole family came to see us and thanked us for giving them a home they could feel safe and secure in.

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