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Meet our Makers


Devon Nicolas

Devon’s father was a reformed alcoholic who because of his habit had led his family into debt. In January 2014 he died suddenly following severe head injuries that were inflicted upon him after being robbed on his way home from work.

Devon’s mother is now a solo mother bringing up three children and so struggles to meet the day to day needs of her family. Since Devon’s father died, his mother has learned tailoring and she is now sewing from home, but her income is often hardly sufficient to pay their monthly rent.


Devon and his two brothers now have their education and school needs sponsored through The Dust Project sponsorship program.  They each attend the Paalam International School in Wattala.  Devon loves cricket and is presently playing for a local club along with his older brother Duluxshan.

In November 2016 Devon started a small business making cards and selling them. He does this after school and in his spare time. This business is slowly growing and helping Devon’s family to meet their daily needs. His motive for starting this business was to help his mother to buy her own house. 


Devon’s dream is to be a business man - slowly developing his card business into other businesses so he can support his mother and one day he dreams of buying her, her own house. Devon also dreams of playing cricket for Sri Lanka. 

Devon Nicolas

Suranjan Rajendram

 Suranjan is from a very poor family who live in a shanthi in Wattala.  He entered the Paalam school in September 2005. He also has a younger sister who attends the Paalam International School.


This family are facing financial difficulties as their father is a day labourer and so does not have a regular income to support his family. Their mother works as a housemaid abroad. They live in a small wooden home built on the edge of the Elakanda Canal. They are often flooded out and their living conditions are very difficult. 


Suranjan is very gifted in drawing and art.  He also loves music and to sing. Suranjan dreams of being able to complete his schooling and go onto higher studies in the business field to secure good employment and to help support his family in the future.

Suranjan Rajendram

Rhuani Rambukwelle

Rhu is known among many as “The Lion Artist” for her love of the majestic creature and the symbolism it represents in many different spheres.


It all began as a hobby making greeting cards for friends and family. Rhuani then went on to putting her thoughts and visions in to paintings. After her O/L’s, she left Ladies' College to enhance her talent and soon found herself at Grants Advertising. Wanting to do more with her gift and following in her grandfather’s footsteps Rhuani opened her Art School “The Hardy Centre of Art” situated at Longden Place, Colombo 7. The school is 17 years old and is dedicated to the memory of Major Harry Hardy who was an illustrious member of the Trinity College staff from 1930-1950. Rhuani has taught more than 1000 artists over the years. 

Rhuani’s work reflects not only herself but also her surroundings, her beliefs and her passions. Rhuani is a versatile artist that works with most mediums including water colours, oil paints, and charcoal, pencil, metal as well as acrylic and encaustic paintings. Displaying a passion for mixing colours with various materials and an experimental mind, Rhuani constantly embarks on new ventures, thus directing her talents and gifts to express life situations of the world around her.

Rhu Rambukwelle
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