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Build a home for Ramesh & Premila


Ramesh and Premila own a small piece of land thanks to funds raised by Dust Project. They are currently living on this land in a home made of wooden panels, tin and sari cloth. When it rains the land is flooded - including inside the house - and often the wooden panels are lost in the winds and water. Although Ramesh works in a steel company part-time, and drives a trishaw on his off-days, he still frustratingly only earns enough to buy food for his family and no more. His wife Pramila works as a seamstress from their home, as well as in a stationary company, packing pens. Their combined income is only enough to cover their family’s food and daily living expenses. They have three children - Dileban (23), who has just started working in an IT company; Divya (20), who has finished a diploma in computer science and is looking into studying further, but currently working part time with her mother. Their youngest daughter Diyoni (8) is studying at Paalam School.

One would think that having four capable people in the family working and studying as much as they’re able would provide for a modest living. Sadly, this simply isn’t the case, and combined they’re still only able to put food on the table and keep up with the bills. There’s no extra to save back. By building a solid concrete home for Ramesh’s family, they would no longer be flooded out of their home during the monsoon rains and they would have a safe and secure place to live and work.

£6,600 will provide a family in Jaffna, Sri Lanka with the materials they need to build a house. Sponsored families will work alongside a local contractor to construct a basic home. They are also taught how to maintain their house to ensure sustainability.

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Donation Options —  £10, £20, £50 or a gift of any amount.

We can't thank you enough for your support!  We're doing our best to make your time, efforts and donations go as far as possible to making a real, lasting difference.  

By sowing into others' lives, we hope yours is enriched in return.  

With heartfelt gratitude,

The Dust Project Trustees and Ambassadors 

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