Hand-crafted by Devon Nicolas

Assorted Greeting Cards—

​​​​​​Pack of 5 folded cards (blank inside for your message)— encased in clear protective packaging, including appropriately sized envelopes.  Cards vary in size from 13 x 18cm to 15 x 21cm.


Please note—  You will receive a similar assortment of cards to those pictured, but please do not expect the exact same, as all of Devon's creations are unique and vary broadly.  Thank you!

Greeting Cards (pack of 5)

  • Carefully hand-crafted by one of our Paalam School students in Sri Lanka, Devon Nicolas.  


    The above pricing is a suggested donation.  All proceeds go directly to the Artist.  The Dust Project retains no cut, but aims to promote and make available the work of our budding local artists, craftsmen and women, in the hopes of encouraging their skills and commerce. 


    Thank you for your support!

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