Build a Well for Ruban & Radika


Radika grew up in a Children’s home and has no parents or close family members. After Ruban and Radika survived several years of personal hardship and grief that nearly tore their family apart, Ruban was able to open up his own shop. He has been working hard, and has finally earned enough money to buy a piece of land at the new Paalam Project Land site. For the past two years he has been saving and paying a small amount of money each month for the land. He recently completed his last payment (the total cost of the land is £1,500 with Lawyers’ fees, land duty, surveying plan fees, etc.).

Four months ago Radika and Ruban had a little girl, named Jessica. They are currently living in a very small, somewhat dilapidated rental house. They have to move out of this house within a year. Ruban does not earn enough to pay for the building of a family home. His monthly income is only enough to cover his family’s day to day needs. Their sons— Roshan, 7 years, and Dilaxshan, 9 years— both attend Paalam School, outside Jaffna, and are sponsored through The Dust Project.

THEIR WELL WILL SOON BE UNDERWAY!! £935 will provide a well, ensuring the family have access to clean drinking water, and freeing them from the risk of contracting water-borne diseases from drinking contaminated water. For all of our well projects, sponsored families will be required to dig their own well, after which a local team will concrete the well and purify the water. Families are taught how to maintain the well, clean it and chlorinate it, to ensure the well remains safe and continues to provide pure drinking water.

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