Build a Well for Daniel & Madesha


Madesha was in the care of our Children’s Hostel for the final 3 years of her schooling. She then went on to train as a teacher for Paalam School (where she attended as a girl), and during this time she married Daniel. They now have a beautiful little girl, Ariya (6 months when the photo was taken).

Daniel is a very hard worker, employed by the Ceylon Biscuit Factory in Jaffna as a marketer for their products. Thus employed, and with the financial help of a family member, they have been able to save up enough to buy a plot of land on which to build. Daniel is working and can save money towards the electrics and plumbing work but he does not earn enough funds to build a house for his family.

£935 will provide a well, ensuring the family have access to clean drinking water, and freeing them from the risk of contracting water-borne diseases from drinking contaminated water. For all of our well projects, sponsored families will be required to dig their own well, after which a local team will concrete the well and purify the water. Families are taught how to maintain the well, clean it and chlorinate it, to ensure the well remains safe and continues to provide pure drinking water.

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