Build a Well for Balasingam & Kiriya


Bala and Kiriya have three beautiful children (Vithusha, Vindiya and Dinesh). Bala was a driver until he had an accident 4 years ago, sustaining a major head injury which has left him with epilepsy. Because of this, he is no longer permitted to drive. Bala currently works as a day labourer, but is physically unable to work at times because of his health. His wife Kiriya works as a cook, earning 400 rupees per day. After Bala’s accident they suddenly found themselves without any income, and had to leave the house they were renting. They had no choice but to become squatters, living in a shack made from coconut branches, tin and mud. As they were not in a position to care for or protect their children, they humbly made the choice to place them in children’s hostels.

It is our aim to build a house for Bala & Kiriya on the Paalam Project Land site, and then rejoin them as a family. Vithusha, Vindiya and Dinesh would then be reunited with their parents, but still be in the Paalam community and able to attend their current schools.

THEIR WELL WILL SOON BE UNDERWAY!! £935 will provide a well, ensuring the family have access to clean drinking water, and freeing them from the risk of contracting water-borne diseases from drinking contaminated water. For all of our well projects, sponsored families will be required to dig their own well, after which a local team will concrete the well and purify the water. Families are taught how to maintain the well, clean it and chlorinate it, to ensure the well remains safe and continues to provide pure drinking water.

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