Build a Toilet for Sivakumari & her Girls


Sivakumari is a solo mother with three beautiful girls. Her oldest daughter is married and her middle daughter lives with her, but her youngest daughter, Mathushika, is currently living at the Paalam Children’s Hostel. Sivakumari has been homeless for some years, living in and out of different temporary housing which made life very difficult for the family, especially the daughters’ education. The places where they would stay normally were where Sivakumari had short-term employment. At one point Sivakumari and her middle daughter would sleep under the bed of the patient she looked after at the Jaffna Hospital.

Sivakumari was donated a plot in the Paalam Project land development area, and has recently also received a well! For the time being, Sivakumari has erected a temporary, makeshift shelter on the piece of land as a place to call “home” while she waits for the chance to have a house built which will enable her family to be fully reunited.

A donation of £935 will provide this family with a much needed toilet and waste pit. This includes labour charges for digging the waste pit, which is all done by hand.

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