Build a home for Kalaichelvam & Sarastina


Kalaichelvam is a day labourer who works as a builder earning about 1,000 Sri Lankan Rupees a day (approx. £4.30). Because of the volatility of the local economy and stiff competition in his field, he’s often not able to find steady work, especially in the rainy season. His wife, Sarastina, is unable to work as she cares full-time for their children.

They and their two sweet daughters (Vinciya, almost 6 years, and Nishalini, 18 months) live in a one-room hut made from scavenged tin, mud and coconut branches. They have not been able to even dream of building a home for themselves, as their income is barely sufficient to meet their day to day food needs. The Dust Project is able to help clothe Kalaichelvam’s family for free, by supplying their needs from DP clothing shipments, which arrive quarterly to stock the local DP Store. We are also looking to have their daughter Vinciya sponsored, as she’s recently started school and is keen to learn (her biggest dream is to one day use a computer!). A plot of land has been designated for this family at the Paalam/Dust Project land site, so they can be in vital community.

£6,600 will provide a family in Jaffna, Sri Lanka with the materials they need to build a house. Sponsored families will work alongside a local contractor to construct a basic home. They are also taught how to maintain their house to ensure sustainability.

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