Donate to a well project

Give the gift of a well

It’s easy to take for granted, but clean water is a luxury in some parts of the world.

£400 will provide a well, ensuring families have access to clean drinking water, and freeing them from the risk of contracting water-borne diseases from drinking contaminated water. Sponsored families will be required to dig their own well, after which a local team will concrete the well and purify the water. Families are taught how to maintain the well, clean it, and chlorinate it, to ensure the well remains safe and continues to provide pure drinking water.

Build a Toilet for Nathan & Niroshini

Nathan and Niroshini along with their children Sindujan, Thiviya and Jennifer currently live in a wooden shack.  The family have managed to pay off the land they own but cannot afford to build a house on it.  They have managed to build their own well. Nathan owns a Trishaw and works […]

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Build a Toilet for Luth & Thavam

Mrs Luth Nayahi and her husband Thavam live in a temporary house built from tin, saris and bricks. Thavam is a day labourer and works as a builder. His income is only enough to support his family with their basic needs. Living in their temporary home are their two daughters, one […]

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Build a Well for Ranjini and Family

October 2017 Rajini Suvendirehn lives with her four children aged between 5 – 11 years on government squatters land. The government recently donated the land to Ranjini. The family’s home is made of mud and tin with old material as walls on each side. Ranjini cooks on a small open fire. […]

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Build a toilet for Pavi & Semitha

Pavi and Semitha along with their 2 year old son, Elroy, live in Jaffna. Pavi has his own small shop where he does electrical repairs. The couple also work part-time for the church, overseeing the house groups and youth ministry. They have managed to save enough money to buy a […]

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If you decide to cover the complete cost of a project, whether it is a community building, a well or a home, we can arrange for a plaque to be displayed with your name or business onto the construction. Alternatively, you might like the plaque to be made in memory of a loved one.