Donate to a building project

A gift that lasts

With your donations we have been able to fund building projects such as wells, houses, community centres, orphanages and schools.

Your money will help transform communities and give hope to children and young people worldwide.

You will be able to see where your money is invested; every project has a donation page with information on the build and the people whose lives you will be changing.

You will receive feedback when the build is finished which will enable you to view the end result and no doubt some happy faces!


Build a house for Grecian & Ithayarubi

Grecian and Rubi have 3 sons aged 18, 14 and 8 years and 2 daughters aged 20 years and the youngest daughter who was born in January 2018. Their children are all still studying or awaiting school exam results. Their 8 year old son, Amos, attends the Paalam School in […]

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Build a house for Sindiya & Ravishankar

Sindiya grew up in the Paalam Children’s Home after losing members of her family in the last war in Klinochchi in 2009. Three years ago Sindiya married Ravishankar and they now have a 6 month old baby girl, Jaswini, who was born in July last year. Ravishankar works as a […]

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Build a home for Nathan and Niroshini

Nathan and Niroshini along with their children Sindujan, Thiviya and Jennifer currently live in a wooden shack. The family have managed to pay off the land they own but cannot afford to build a house on it. They have managed to build their own well. Nathan owns a Trishaw and […]

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Build a Home for Jegan Lee & Konsirani

Jegan Lee and Konsirani have five children (their baby was sleeping when their photo was taken above) and live in a very basic open style shack, made from brick, tin and tarpaulin. Sadly both Jegan Lee and Konsirani are HIV positive. They attend a monthly clinic for medication which is […]

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Build a House for Ramesh & Pramila

Give a life-changing gift to a family in need. A house is so much more than four walls, it is a home which provides stability, dignity, health, security and increased educational and job prospects. Ramesh & Pramila are a young couple who have been homeless for years. Their life has […]

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If you decide to cover the complete cost of a project, whether it is a community building, a well or a home, we can arrange for a plaque to be displayed with your name or business onto the construction. Alternatively, you might like the plaque to be made in memory of a loved one.

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